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The challenges are all easy to start with no real equipment needed. They range from drawing, foraging, writing, making, photographing and even cooking. Whatever inspiration hits me really!



Practicing daily creativity, no matter how ‘arty’ you are (or not) is a really empowering thing to do. You will notice a shift in your heart and you will begin to think more creatively about the world around you. So dip in, challenge yourself and share with us (this inspires me too!).

Please share your creative results by commenting with photos on each post on The Art Loft Facebook page. This helps share the inspiration with others and promotes community spirit! I personally think art ‘shared’ is much more fun!

Feel free to also send me a message on Instagram with your photos!

All the best for this weird time in our lives, love Natalija Brunovs

Natalija Brunovs

Natalija Brunovs

Photographer & Artist

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