The Art Loft is a creative space up in the tree tops of Bibra Lake.

The space is hosting a series of fun & relaxed craft workshops, managed by Natalija Brunovs.

The Art Loft is available for hire for groups of up to 16 via SpaceToCo.

Our background
The Art Loft is one of those things that just fell into place. I (Natalija) was visiting a friend’s property and saw the big open space upstairs and asked “What’s going on here?”
He replied “Not sure, got an idea”?
And I was flooded with possibilities of course! I immediately said “YEP!” so we struck a deal and over the next few months The Art Loft took shape.

This is a creative space for adults who want to step out of their world for a moment and into a little sanctuary in which they can learn and play. We are surrounded by Jarrah and Marri trees, a citrus orchard and even Quenda (cute little marsupials). From the space you can see the lake and feel the breeze as the Black Cockatoos munch on honky nuts.

The Art Loft has a light and fresh feel that is instantly relaxing. This kind of space allows your creative juices to flow, let’s you be you and your mind can just zone into the playful creating feeling that I love so much!

The workshops on offer are all things I personally want to play with, from flora to fibre to felt. I can’t get enough of creating and using different mediums to make beautiful things. I’ve found artists that love to teach and make things with their hands and look forward to seeing them share their passions with you.

I’m also really keen to encourage a connection with nature through the space itself but also with the materials we use. We are focusing on low/non toxic arts and mindfulness through busy hands which helps us all get lost in the joy of play.

Hope to see you soon!

Natalija Brunovs